Trip to Johor Bahru & Singapore

I am finally getting around to posting photos from our family trip to Johor Bahru and Singapore when our fams came visit us here in Bintan last month. We went to JB on the ferry from Pelabuhan Sri Bintan Pura Tanjung Pinang. It was our first experience and we didn’t expect a three hours ride. Too bad we didn’t prepare that and had nothing to entertain ourselves, so… we just slept like a log until we arrived!


One of the beautiful street mural creations in JB made a great photo background for me and my sist.


Strolled around the city, and found some cool little shops, selling vintage stuff and locally made things.


Then we took some afternoon bites at Roost. We love the foods and the drinks here, and not to forget, the interior! The whole area was decorated with recycled furniture. They used oil barrels, crates, cardboard and even a trolley. Not that kind of cafe with fancy decorations, but it was so cozy and homey! 


We stayed a night in JB, and then the next morning we went to Singapore on the train. We had brunch at our fave place, Lola’s Cafe. My fave is their egg benedict and iced mocha. Yum!


Last but not least, we went to the Yayoi Kusama Exhibition at National Gallery Singapore. Drown in Kusama’s colorful world, one great way to end this short trip! 

Xo, Pat

Cycling Life!

Bintan Island was made by tectonic earthquake long time ago, it made the island structure upside down, quote by some local geologist professor that i met not so long ago. That was what made Bintan has many hills and upside down road. And also made the most awesome and challenging cycling track i ever had, since i lived in Jakarta for a long time, they dont have any extreme upside down road like here.

Another excitement is the beautiful scenery along the road, fresh air, low traffic (especially outer Tanjung Pinang), and the distance between town isn’t too far (around 20-30km). So you can explore town to town, go to beach, or even go explore the uncharted area around, plus you got a healthier and slimmer body!

Well, guess we keep cyclin then!
DSCF1110bycicleDSCF1072bycicleDSCF1116bycicle235Route 1 : Batu 9 Tanjung Pinang – Kijang (22km), really tough route to beat for me. It’s just.. the uphill, is so devastating , but thank god we can survive on the way back LOL.

IMAG3308bycicleIMAG3322bycicleIMAG3311bycicleIMAG3338bycicleRoute 2 : Batu 8 Tanjung Pinang – Dompak (13km), Favourite route so far, coz is near home and Dompak has a wide stretch of road and clear traffic, images above is us (with Aldo) went cycling in rain, but still yo happiness around.

IMG_2185bycicleaIMG_2163bycicleIMG_2173bycicleRoute 3 : Batu 9 Tanjung Pinang – Galau Beach Dompak (17km), road is off and it’s time to offroad riding, near the beach we must push our bike because the sand is thick. We go there with our lovely neighbour Iqbal & Mayang. Oh yeah its me pose on that Galau Rocky Beach, cheers!

– Baba –